Pull into the large parking lot and there is the most wonderful scene.  Ocean waves crashing into the bay in gorgeous turquioise hue.  Fishermen are lining the  the rocky jetties at the base in hopes to bring in a "big catch."  Hang gliders soar in the updraft overhead as their "wings" of color cascade across the sky.  Turtle Island and Rabbit Island fill the horizon as they provide a safe harbour for thousands of nesting birds.  

Photo perfect, Makapu'u beach lies cradledin a huge semicircle of black lava shoreline dotted with locals and visitors enjoying the sun or attempting to ride some of Oahu's best and most hazardous, bodysurfing waves.   Honestly, these waves should be left to the locals who know and can manoever through these bounding walls of water.  Lifeguards are present at the beach and warn all visitors to stay clear of the massive waves as they know the potential for serious injury.  Enjoy the sun and watch some of the best on the island ride the waves!


the best place for bodysurfing


1. Stop at the viewpoint right above Makapu'u Bay

2.  Hike Makapu'u Head Trail and see Makapu'u Lighthouse

3.  Spend a day at Sea Life Park - located right across the road

Looking for a the perfect tropical sunrise?  This is the spot.  The dawn colors paint the canvass of the morning sky and the waves' mist provides a new and dreamy quality to your image.   Look up and you will see the Makapu'u Lighthouse glowing on the top of the cliff.   

A wonderful, magical spot and area. The panoramic views and unparalled ocean shoreline will be with you long after you have returned home. 


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