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The book is divided into three sections filled with more than 50 professional photographs and quotes. 


Using a nature theme of flowers, wildlife, and landscapes, the author gives instruction on natural light and  explores the concept of natural beauty - both in our surrounding and from within.  She shares how her mom and dad saw the value in some old granaries and created a wonderful home for the family and how a private school taught the importance of inner beauty.


This section encapsulates the theme of ocean waves, tropical trees, and oceanscapes. Lightpainting is taught and combined with stories of how a few kind words from a handful of teachers at a new school impacted a broken teenager and gave her the chance to soar. 


Scenes from dawn and dusk are shared along with personal stories of the author's brother - and his final days.

THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON in digital format.  Printed copies of the book can be requested directly through the author at $20.00 each (request in contact form).


What readers

are saying:

Instructional, Thought-provoking and Inspirational  This book provides instruction for the reader regarding light within photography - showcasing how light is the most powerful tool to a photographer. The author/photographer also takes you on a very personal journey as she shares some of her struggles, influences and motivational stories in a very "real" way. Finally, the author's ability to tie together light in photography, in her life and through God's love - through quotes and captivating photos, will leave the reader inspired and filled with hope. This is a true work of art.  Leslie Hassan, BScN

It's brilliant, heartfelt and sincere.    I got Light Changes Everything and eagerly read it straight through. It's brilliant, heartfelt and sincere. The photos are amazing.   Becki Kobler, Guardian Ad Litem

This is a wonderful book to enjoy.  Fabulous book. Inspirational photographs and personal messages for reflection. The author is as talented behind the lens as she is with the pen - and the heart. This is a wonderful book to enjoy, to read at leisure and reread again and again. Yael Eylat-Tanaka, Author of 33 Books, Distinguished Toastmaster Speaker

Absolutely loved it!  Very inspirational!  Sandra has captured the essence of a powerful image; both with her camera, and with her words.  In an era when almost everyone has a camera with them all the time, few know how best to use one.  Whether an amateur, or a budding professional, Sandra offers helpful insights into how to take a great picture - as evidenced by the beautiful examples of her work.  Her pictures and insights about photography are matched by her hopeful insights about life.  Thank you, Sandra - for such an inspirational project we all can enjoy!  Dr. William A. Stack, Pastor, Former USA Army Officer, Owner Stack Financial Services

I  read this book in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down!  This book is poignantly written and beautifully created.  I was captivated by Sandra?s personal story and amazed at her creativity!  If you love taking pictures, you will benefit greatly from the tips on photography that she shares from her professional experience.  Sandra?s book is filled with stunning photos that brilliantly display her artistic gifts.  Her words combine with these breathtaking photos to paint a picture of her life.  Through her words and her photos, she teaches us that although life is filled with challenges and struggles?.it can be a remarkable journey.  Sandra?s life is an example of how one person can bring light to the world?.and that truly does change everything!   Vicki Lynn King, Recording Artist, Song Writer, Motivational Speaker, Coach

I just loved Sandra's perspective of light in a technical sense. Wow. I just loved Sandra's perspective of light in a technical sense, but also on a deep personal level. Beautiful photography and genuine beauty revealed!   Margaret Meester, RN

Amazing photography and story, woven together perfectly  An amazing work this is! A very unique combination of artistic beauty, personal story and truth! Sandra is an amazing photographer but her ability to weave among her pictures an explanation of the use of light as a technique AND a personal story of pain, victory and hope is indeed a very special gift! Not only is this a must read because of the beauty captured by the author but because the story itself is so powerful! This work, portrayed through incredible photography, represents the beauty hope and LIGHT that God provides for each of us.  Ruth Synder, Changed Choices 

Five Stars A beautiful, thought-provoking book that will illuminate anyone who reads it.  Amazon Customer

Love this book  Such a great photography images. I love it and it has been well organized. Thanks, Sandra. From the title itself, I have already been hooked up right away that is why I downloaded it. Sharing beauty, capturing the moment and sharing light. All 3 awesome sections. I enjoyed it. Lovely.  Jaime Gregory - Amazon Customer 

Great Lighting Advise Learned a lot about lighting and taking better photos. Easy to read 3 sections: Seeing the Beauty. Capturing the Moment. Sharing the Light. made it more understandable and digestable. Avid Amazon Reader

Indeed light Changes everything.  I didn't view this book from a photographer perspective and I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad I've purchased this book because it surely left me with some thoughtful and powerful messages. Sandra Graham certainly has an unique perspective on life and her quotes are amazing. That's what I got from this book but it also helped me with choosing the right lighting for my photo shoots.  Natural Chyna - Amazon Customer

A Must Read!  I just read LIGHT CHANGES EVERYTHING.  Fantastic.  #1 Best Seller.  Her biography is inspiring and her photography is amazing.  A must read.   Chris Werkema


This is an resource book (ebook form) that is a complete guide to purchasing fine art photography.   Topics such as:

 What is fine art photography?

What are the different styles of fine art photography?

Why is fine art so valuable?

What makes the most impact on the viewer

What are the different mediums available in fine art photography?

What is the phsychology of color?

What are the current trends of 2017?



If you would like a copy of this ebook, please fill out the contact form to the right and I will be in contact with you. 


Sandra Graham


Sandra, along with 9 other authors - Jo Hausman, Joshua S. Kangley, Dennis Bossman, Dr. Marilyn Scott, Harry Buck, Renae Eidenshink, Ruby Mabry, Donna Schmid, and Don Loyd - combine short stories in an anothology series "Yes You Can!  Go For Achieving Your Dreams".     This book is for personal and business alike.  


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