Arches National Park

 The park is HUGE!  Before beginning to plan your journey of the park, here are a few interesting facts that may help you plan your day and make sure you do not miss what you really want to see and experience.

To understand what you are seeing, these descriptions will help:

FIN - is a geological formation that is a narrow residual wall of hard rock that remains standing after surrounding rock has been eroded.  BRIDGE - is a natural stone arch that spans a valley of erosion.  ARCH - is similar to a natural bridge, but does not span a valley of erosion.

WINDOW -  a window is similar to an arch, however it is completely surrounded by rock  PLATEAU - is a formation of rock with a flat top

Most of the arches ar fromed from narrow fins and sea stacks composed of sandstone or limestone with steep, often vertical, cliff faces. When erosion takes place, the formations become narrower.


1. Drive the windows loop to see some of the park's largest arches

2. Drive to delicate arch viewpoint - the world's most famous arch.  This is also the symbol of Utah that you see on their license plates. Stop at Wolfe Ranch for quick stop to see a homestead from the late 1800's.

3. Hike to Sand Dune Arch and then to Broken Arch.   This shorter, flat walk showcases arches from different vantage points.  Sand Dune Arch is set inside the massive stone walls - a very unique view of the arch up close. 

*** NOTE:  This park has no food or gas stations, so come prepared!     

This amazing and unique stop will be the highlight of your trip to Moab.


this rock wonderland will amaze you.


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